20 July 2012

Wild Yam and Chaste Berry cream

Tomorrow I am going to start using this cream to help normalise my periods.

Apparently it has enough of the natural forms of eostrogen and progesterone to help calm and regulate the menstrual cycle, reduce period pain and PMS.

The protocol is to rub about 1/4 of a teaspoon into a fleshy part of the body morning and night for every day (from day 12) until just before menstruation starts. That is the inner or outer thighs, under arms, neck or even soles of feet or the hands (for sensitive women). So there are lots of places to rub it in.

Wild yam contains diosgenin, which is a unsaponified steroid and is very much like the natural form of progesterone, completely bioidentical to the progesterone which is excreted from the ovaries. Diosgenin has the same chemical configuration to the progesterone that the body creates, which means the body will use it appropriately.

The claims for this wild yam cream suggest that it may not only help to normalise menstruation, it may also help to normal the adrenal cortex to produce the right level of hormones.

The cream also contains Chaste berry (Agnes Vitex Castus), which is well known to help normalise the hormones, prevent PMS and help reduce period pain.

Additionally, both wild yam and chaste berry may help to reduce the size and incidence of fibroids. These are benign growths usually inside the uterus wall and occur in a great majority of women, but which cause a great deal of health issues in many women.

The wild yam and chaste berry cream starts tomorrow. I am using it to reduce my severe period pain. Hopefully I see major improvements by next month's menstruation cycle.

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