10 March 2013

Exercise and Supplements Help Reduce PMS

Husmorsgymnastik - Nycop, Carl-Adam: 75 år Sverige. Höganäs, 1976
Since my unfortunate experience with the Anna's Wild Yam Cream (not recommended), I have gone back to my regular regime in terms of how I manage my PMS and period pain.
Now I am using vitamins and other supplements - quercetin, omega-3 fish oil, a multi supplement (with the B vitamins) and also stomach digestives with fibre, as the fibre helps to remove excess eostrogen from the body.

Excessive eostrogen is thought to be part of the reason why PMS symptoms occur in many women. The fibre binds with the excessive eostrogen and this enables it to be processed and removed out of the body. The fibre I use is in the form of a supplemental powder that is mixed with water (all natural ingredients, non-GMO).

I have also upped my exercise again. I am exercising for 30-45 minutes every day, varying the type of exercise I do - from walking to strength training, to cardio, to pilates to resistance training. Every bit helps to tone up the body, tone up the heart muscle and to help reduce PMS symptoms.

Exercise is an excellent stress reliever and is an excellent way to tone down those emotional PMS symptoms.

Severe Hives from Annas Wild Yam Cream

Clearly visible hives - covered about 70% of my body
It should be very clear from this photo exactly how severe the hives and welts were on my body.

Initially I estimated that about 40% of my body was covered with these hives, but that was around the start of the treatment with the cream. After I had been using it for just over 2 months, I estimate that about 70% of my body was covered in these hives that were so itchy.

The hives rash was so itchy and so painful that it was waking me up at night to scratch at my skin - mostly because I was allergic to the ingredients in the cream and secondly because the rash had extended beyond the part of my skin on which it had been rubbed.

My advice - do NOT use Anna's Wild Yam Cream or any product that does not have a full ingredient list, because you never know what is inside their product.

Anna's Wild Yam Cream Caused Severe Hives

The hives that covered about 70% of my body after using the cream
I used Anna's Wild Yam Cream for two months (and slightly into the third month) and it gave me severe itching and hives all over my body.

The photo on the left is indicative of the hives I got on every part of my body on which I used it - under the arms, stomach, breasts, inner thighs.

The itching was so severe that I couldnt sleep properly and during the day I just kept on scratching every part of my body - it was pretty horrendous. And the hives got so bad, they extended beyond the parts of my body on which I used the cream!

I sent an email to the company to ask them what was in their product and this is what I got back:

Unfortunately we are unable to give you all the ingredients within the cream as this information is commercially confidential.

If would appear as if you may be our fourth lady who has experienced this problem over our 15 years for which we are very sorry.

It would appear that you will be unable to continue with the cream, even though you mentioned it had helped you. The rash should disappear as you have now stopped its use.

We apologise for your inconvenience and hope you are feeling better soon.
I think the first sentence may be a bit disingeneous because all the products I see on shelves have their ingredients listed.

There was no offer to refund the money for the cream, nothing but the email above. And this is very disappointing that a company that purports to help women was so unhelpful to me, given my very severe symptoms.

The rash did not stop for several months after I stopped using the cream. Within a month, the rash eased off a little, but my skin was still itchy, but less than when I was using the cream. I had to use so many products to try to ease the itching.

My advice - do NOT use Anna's Wild Yam Cream or any product that does not have a full ingredient list, because you never know what is inside their product.