10 March 2013

Exercise and Supplements Help Reduce PMS

Husmorsgymnastik - Nycop, Carl-Adam: 75 år Sverige. Höganäs, 1976
Since my unfortunate experience with the Anna's Wild Yam Cream (not recommended), I have gone back to my regular regime in terms of how I manage my PMS and period pain.
Now I am using vitamins and other supplements - quercetin, omega-3 fish oil, a multi supplement (with the B vitamins) and also stomach digestives with fibre, as the fibre helps to remove excess eostrogen from the body.

Excessive eostrogen is thought to be part of the reason why PMS symptoms occur in many women. The fibre binds with the excessive eostrogen and this enables it to be processed and removed out of the body. The fibre I use is in the form of a supplemental powder that is mixed with water (all natural ingredients, non-GMO).

I have also upped my exercise again. I am exercising for 30-45 minutes every day, varying the type of exercise I do - from walking to strength training, to cardio, to pilates to resistance training. Every bit helps to tone up the body, tone up the heart muscle and to help reduce PMS symptoms.

Exercise is an excellent stress reliever and is an excellent way to tone down those emotional PMS symptoms.

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