25 July 2012

Using Wild Yam and Chaste Berry Cream - Update

Update on using the wild yam and chaste berry cream.

Day 5

Last night again I had a really superb sleep. All seven and a half hours.

It looks like the fatigue I was feeling was due to the extra exercise I have been doing lately. The last two nights I have had more sleep and therefore haven't felt as tired at all today. In fact, I am feeling really well and very energetic.

The indigestion and stomach discomfort I was experiencing was most likely not due to the cream, but rather to having yoghurt in my smoothie every morning for the past week and as I am lactose intolerant, it does not suit my digestion and will make me a bit ill. Usually the no-fat yoghurt is easier for me to digest and doesn't make me feel as sick quickly, but it still does make me feel a bit ill. I didnt have my usual smoothie this morning and straight away my stomach felt better, so it seems that the yoghurt was the culprit of my mild stomach discomfort.

So basically, even if the those symptoms were caused by the wild yam and chaste berry cream, they seemed to have resolved (but from the empirical evidence, it appears the cream did not cause those symptoms). 

My sinuses and nasal passages are so clear that not only can I breathe properly, but I can actually smell things around me more strongly. It's incredibly wonderful to be able to breathe through my nasal passages.

I also have a sense of well-being and calmness like I haven't had for a long time. Part of it is probably because I am having a good sleep, so feel much calmer and more relaxed and part of it is due to the cream, which is trying to normalise all my hormones and make me feel better. Whatever it is, I am truly grateful!