10 March 2013

Severe Hives from Annas Wild Yam Cream

Clearly visible hives - covered about 70% of my body
It should be very clear from this photo exactly how severe the hives and welts were on my body.

Initially I estimated that about 40% of my body was covered with these hives, but that was around the start of the treatment with the cream. After I had been using it for just over 2 months, I estimate that about 70% of my body was covered in these hives that were so itchy.

The hives rash was so itchy and so painful that it was waking me up at night to scratch at my skin - mostly because I was allergic to the ingredients in the cream and secondly because the rash had extended beyond the part of my skin on which it had been rubbed.

My advice - do NOT use Anna's Wild Yam Cream or any product that does not have a full ingredient list, because you never know what is inside their product.


  1. It was an awful experience! And the owners of Anna's Wild Yam Cream were rather blase about it, they didnt even offer a refund for the product.