12 August 2008

PMS is over

Menstruation arrived today just after lunch and the intense emotions have also gone (for the most part). 

Interestingly, my periods came 4 weeks and 1/2 a day since last month. So obviously by not buying into the irrational thoughts of PMS must have normalised my hormones in some way and not extended PMS/PMDD (like it would have in the dark horrible past) and so my periods have come in a regular manner. 

See, mind control works! If we can control ourselves, then we can achieve so much.
No wonder I was feeling so horrible and my emotions felt totally out of control yesterday. Lucky for me I was just feeling that way, but not letting it take over, so I was able to remain calmer than I normally would feel on such an irrational day.

This month. I am going to diligently do the following to get back to having wonderful periods and no PMS again:
  • Daily self-massage of my legs mainly, but also other parts of my body that I can manage myself
  • Daily exercise for at least 30 minutes
  • Eating more regularly every day (I eat really healthily, just had not been eating regularly lately)
  • Meditation every night before I go to sleep, which will help me sleep, but will also clear and refresh my mind and make me feel calmer all month
Come back to see how I fare next month.


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  2. I find you blog very useful. I have been with pms for the past 1 year. I visited lot of doctors but was not able to get the right diagnosis. After a lot of self reading and internet I figured I have PMS. Your blog helped me relate to my own condition. Please keep posting and also what you have done to overcome. It will help a lot of people like me.

  3. I have been following your blog and find it very useful. I have been with PMS for the past 1 year. I visited a lot of doctors but could not get a proper diagnosis. After some self reading and internet I figured that I have PMS. Please continue to post your experiences as it help people like me.

  4. Thanks for your comment.

    Good on you for researching your PMS. It's controllable and it does get better. Good luck with everything!