30 March 2013

Exaggerated Emotions During PMS

I have recently come to the conclusion that the exaggerated emotions I experience during PMS (albeit only for 1-2 days now, at most) are unresolved emotions that I struggle with during the month.

I know this, because I get angry about things that I normal sweep aside during the rest of the month.

PMS just amplifies whatever it is I am feeling, but have not really dealt with or resolved. So, at times during the 1-2 days where I do experience PMS now, those unresolved feelings come very strongly to the fore in a very exaggerated way. The PMS is trying to force me to deal with them so I can resolve them.

I havent dealt with those issues yet and that is why the PMS continues to bring those exaggerated emotions.

Now that I have realised this, it means I can do something about it. The first step towards recovery of any sort is to acknowledge that there is a problem. So for me, I have unresolved emotional angst about a situation in my life which is making me angry and upset, but I try not to think about it too much because of the emotions that arise when I do. This is not dealing with it, but rather suppressing it. My PMS is trying to make me deal with it as it is not healthy to suppress emotions.

I shall do something about it.

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