20 July 2010

Painkillers are not the best way to relieve menstrual pain

Period pain, like PMS is the bane of many women's existence.

Some women experience such severe pain, that it is unbearable without some type of medical pain relief.

Period pain can be so severe that it requires the use of very strong analgesics (pain medications), even really strong opioid-type drugs (narcotics), such as pethidine to ameliorate the pain for some women.

Taking strong painkillers on a regular basis, is not advised by any medical professional, nevertheless any alternative health care provider, because they do have side effects and the more you use, the more regularly you use them, the higher the risks of side effects rises.

In addition to this, the opioid-type painkillers are addictive, which causes another set of problems in itself. It's much better to try natural ways to relieve pain.

Natural pain relief does not have the same set of risks associated with painkillers and it can help to prevent the pain becoming worse over time.

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