28 June 2010

PMS symptoms are surprisingly decreasing

Apollonie Sabatier, Vincent Vidal
I am at day 27 of my menstrual cycle.

This means it is really close to menstruation and when I should be experiencing more intense PMS symptoms, but I am seemingly not, as compared to say, about a week ago, or so, when I was feeling the effects of PMS quite keenly.

I still have some fluid retention, but markedly less than before and certainly not as bad as it was last week. My emotions seem to be quite level, without any major highs or lows or mood swings and my mind is clear and functioning really well. Almost like I don't have PMS at all!

I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I have been taking the Homeopathic medicine - General Tonic, Comb 12, which has the 12 tissue salts, that are supposed to be good for overall fatigue and exhaustion. This formula has a number of mineral salts in a specific ratio, which are thought to help the nervous system especially, but all the organs and tissues of the body to recover from any illness by helping it function in a more healthy way.

So while I have described the stress I have been exposed to recently, which has been unrelenting and which has precipitated the worse PMS symptoms of last week, since I have been taking the Comb 12 tissue salts, I have noticed a marked improvement in my symptoms, as I have outlined here. It's brilliant. I definitely did not want to go back to the horrendous PMS symptoms I used to get before, so this is fabulous to know that such a simple solution could be so effective in reducing symptoms.

I have also been exercising a bit more recently and have been diligently taking the iron supplement (as I am iron deficient) and I think those are also helping too.

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