25 May 2010

Fluid retention all over right now

Well I have some fluid retention most noticeably in my breasts and stomach. I can tell because my stomach is a bit more bloated and less flat (which is how it normally is) and my bra feels like it's too small for my breasts, whereas a few days ago, it was okay.

I haven't got much pain in my breasts from the fluid retention, which is good. Today I noticed that my bra feels quite small, like I need to get a bigger bra to accommodate my breasts, whereas yesterday, it didn't feel that way. My breasts also feel really heavy, much heavier than they did yesterday - as if the fluid has added a few grams of weight to them.

I have been doing a little exercise most day, but not very much at all.

I have been taking a liquid iron supplement (to build up my iron stores), some psyillium fibre and acidophilus probiotic powder. I think the iron is helping quite a lot. I don't feel as tired as I normally feel and it may be helping in other ways too - by topping up the iron in my body, I get more oxygen flowing around in my blood and this gets to my cells and helps to give me more energy. I no long feel like totally lethargic and sleepy every day, I have a bit more energy. That is something positive. I guess it means I need to finish this bottle of iron and maybe buy another one to take after my next cycle has ended.  I really don't eat much meat and don't eat enough other foods rich in iron and then I bleed heavily during my monthly flow, so it means my iron stores get a bit low.  I have to review the foods I eat and start eating an egg and some spinach every day, both of which have high levels of iron.

I have also been eating organic chocolate every day - some days more than others. If I get upset, I tend to eat more chocolate.


  1. Hi Zana! I came accross your blog today and I was very happy to see that there are other women out there with the same PMS issues as me! I have horrible, debilitating symptoms during this time of the month and I have found quite a bit of useful info here, especially regarding sugar imbalance, which is one of my biggest symptoms. So, I just wanted to thank you and I hope you keep blogging!
    Helena J.

  2. Hi Helena.

    Thanks for your comment! Appreciate it!

    Glad you found some posts here that were helpful :)

    You're not alone in the PMS hell lots of women find themselves in - one day science will work out exactly what causes some of us to experience worse symptoms than other women, but in the meantime, there are ways to get over it with a lot of effort (and research).

    Take care